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Our Research

The AI for Sustainable Engineering Lab (AISEL) is a vibrant and collaborative research lab led by Dr. Mahmoud Dhimish. Our interdisciplinary team is dedicated to pioneering breakthroughs at the intersection of artificial intelligence and sustainable engineering practices.

Research Areas

1. Renewable Energy Integration: We focus on seamlessly integrating renewable energy sources into existing infrastructures, optimising energy production and consumption.

2. Smart Infrastructure and Grids: Our research aims to develop intelligent systems that enhance the efficiency, resilience, and sustainability of critical infrastructures and electrical grids.

3. Advanced Materials and Technologies: We investigate and innovate in sustainable materials and technologies, aiming to revolutionise the energy landscape.

4. Data-Driven Decision Making: We develop algorithms and models for making informed, precise decisions in engineering processes, ensuring maximum resource utilisation.

5. Environmental Impact Assessment: We evaluate and mitigate the environmental impacts of engineering projects, aligning them with global sustainability goals.

6. AI-Enhanced Infrastructure Management: Our focus is on optimising the maintenance, operation, and management of critical infrastructure systems through AI-driven solutions.

Impact Fields

Our research has significant implications in three key areas:

(a) Renewable Energy Solutions: Pioneering technologies to advance renewable energy integration and utilization.

(b) Sustainable Infrastructure: Redefining how critical infrastructures operate and interact with the environment for long-term sustainability.

(c) Data-Driven Engineering: Leveraging AI for smarter, more efficient engineering practices.

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